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You're changing lives on a daily basis. You deserve it!

That's why so many education staff have already joined us!

We've been marketing to teachers on behalf of our partners since 2007, but now we think it's time we gave something back as a thank you. So, in exchange for joining us, and allowing us to send you education-focussed, and job-relevant marketing (sponsored by our Education Partners), we want to give you all of this for free...

Perks for You

If you are employed within the UK education sector, you will be able to access some incredible perks to save you money.


Perks for Schools

By signing up, you’ll not just personally get great offers, but you’ll also get access to our exclusive education perks to save your school money.


Paid Opportunities

You can even earn extra money by taking part in our education surveys, research projects, and writing opportunities.


Sinead Jones

Prisha Reddy

Maths Teacher at St Mary's School

Teacher Perks is a sensible way for quality education businesses and organisations to get their message in front of the right people in schools. Both teachers and schools get something back which I think is fair.

Harry Knowles

Harry Knowles

Sport Teacher at Cranham Primary

I love saving money on high street items and money for my school through Teacher Perks. I think it's a great initiative that gives back to the education sector.

Sarah Giles-Smith

Sarah Giles-Smith

Teacher at North London Academy

I've been a Sprint Teacher for over six months now. I find the information I receive to be informative and useful. It's good to know that the content of every email is screened before being sent to ensure it is particularly relevant to me.

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