We believe education staff deserve a little TLC!

That's why so many education staff have already joined us!

We've been marketing to teachers on behalf of our partners since 2007, but now we think it's time we gave something back as a thank you. When joining Teacher Perks we also ask you to give us permission to send you education-focused, and job-relevant marketing (sponsored by our partners). In exchange for joining us we want to give you all this for free...

  • Exclusive Perks

    As a teacher or employee within a UK educational establishment, you will get access to dozens of exclusive perks.

  • Paid Surveys

    Earn extra money by taking part in our paid surveys, questionnaires, and research opportunities. Learn more >

  • Edu-Charities

    We work with many education charities for free, helping them connect with schools that share their powerful educational messages.

  • It's Free

    We give you access to our exclusive perks for free!

  • Reduce Spam

    Every sponsored communication we send passes our stringent three-step relevance process, and is wholly applicable to your education job role and your pupils.

  • Keep Informed

    Receive education-focused information about exam boards, Ofsted, curriculum changes, offers, and more. There's a clear educational benefit with every message!

  • School Discounts

    Access special education supplier discounts for your school, college, academy, nursery, or university.

Our Education Partners

We work with some of the most important education organisations in the UK, including Government organisations, charities, education suppliers, exam boards, universities, and schools too. All of them have important messages they want to share with you. We select the education organisations that we partner with very carefully; their communications must be relevant to you and your role(s) of responsibility, and your type of school (for example, location, school type, age range etc.).


How do I join Teacher Perks?
Joining Teacher Perks is really simple. Just fill out the form here. All we ask is that you currently work at a school, college, nursery, or university in the UK.
What’s the catch?
There is honestly no catch. We simply ask you to allow us to send you occasional, relevant educational information sponsored by our education partners, although you don't have to agree to this - if you'd prefer not to give us consent, you'll still be able to take advantage of all of the great benefits that Teacher Perks provides.
What do your partners do?
We work with two types of partners - High Street Partners (who offer discounts and deals on everyday products and services) and Education Partners. Our Education Partners are made up of a range of different entities including government agencies, charities, education suppliers, exam boards, universities, and schools. All of our partners have a legitimate interest in getting their message into schools.
How easy is it to leave?
If you want to leave Teacher Perks, you just need to let us know. You can do that by emailing us at teachers@teacherperks.co.uk, or by writing to us at, B1 The Courtyard, Tewkesbury, GL20 8GD.
What does it cost?
Teacher Perks costs absolutely nothing to join.
What are the paid surveys?
We run regular market research projects for many of our partners who pay for qualified teachers and school staff to take part in optional surveys, interviews, reviews, and focus groups. These are paid opportunities and we’ll let you know what you’ll earn before you commit to taking part. Earnings can range from £5 - £300 depending on the type of project.
How much can I earn by writing a resource for Teacher Perks?
As part of their social conscience and outreach work, many of our partners like to provide lesson plans, resources and useful information to teachers and schools for free. To do this they ask us to draw on the exceptional talent and expertise of the Teacher Perks network, many of whom are paid to author, or part-author, these resources. Earnings can range from £50 - £1,000 depending on the type of project.
What do you do with my data once I’ve joined?
We take your data privacy very seriously. You can read exactly what we do with it here.
Sinead Jones

Prisha Reddy

Maths Teacher at St Mary's School

Teacher Perks is a sensible way for quality education businesses and organisations to get their message in front of the right people in schools. Both teachers and schools get something back which I think is fair.

Harry Knowles

Harry Knowles

Sport Teacher at Cranham Primary

I love saving money on high street items and money for my school through Teacher Perks. I think it's a great initiative that gives back to the education sector.

Sarah Giles-Smith

Sarah Giles-Smith

Teacher at North London Academy

I've been a Sprint Teacher for over six months now. I find the information I receive to be informative and useful. It's good to know that the content of every email is screened before being sent to ensure it is particularly relevant to me.

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