Paid Surveys

Teacher Perks members have the opportunity to earn extra money by taking part in paid surveys sponsored by our partners. Not only will you earn a handsome fee, but you will be contributing toward the future of education. Your ideas and opinions could influence teaching, learning, training, school governance, curriculum, educational products, salaries, and policies for years to come.

Some of the paid survey/research opportunities we offer include:

  • Online Surveys

    Online surveys asking your opinions on a range of education topics that can be completed in your own time.

  • Telephone Surveys

    Short and medium length telephone surveys to dig a little deeper into a specific topic.

  • Anonymous Quick Fire Surveys

    Really quick surveys to poll new ideas and initiatives.

All paid surveys/research are optional. If you'd like to be considered, ping us an email.

Focus Groups

Educational focus groups are very useful to our partners when planning their next educational offering, whether that's a product, service, or simply an idea. To be able to speak with, and be guided by you, the expert, is crucial to them. By providing your assistance you'll be paid excellent rates.

Some of the paid focus group opportunities we run include:

  • Online Focus Groups

    Provide personal views and feedback on resources, topics, and educational issues through our partner-led online focus groups.

  • Telephone Focus Groups

    Discuss and offer your opinions with other teachers on specific education issues over the phone.

  • Face to Face Meetings

    Collaborate in group discussions with fellow teachers to gather a range of opinions and views on particular education topics.

  • General Feedback

    Offer general and specialist feedback either verbally or written, on a range of ideas and education topics

All paid focus group work is optional. If you'd like to be considered, just let us know.

Writing Opportunities

As part of their social conscience and outreach work, many of our partners like to provide lesson plans, resources and useful information to teachers and schools for free. To do this, they ask us to draw on the exceptional talent and expertise of the Teacher Perks network, many of whom are paid to author, or part-author, these resources. Earnings can range from £100 - £1,000 depending on the type of project.

Some of the paid writing opportunities we offer include:

  • Lesson Plans

    Remember that time you totally owned that classroom with your awesome lesson? If you've got the knack of writing truly engaging and learner-driven lesson plans then please get in touch!

  • Classroom Resources

    Great at writing resources or have a resource that you're particularly proud of? Let us know!

  • Wall Displays

    Particularly artistic? If you're a superstar at producing colourful and engaging wall displays, we'd love to know!

  • Blogs

    We're always on the look out for teacher bloggers who can write engaging and interesting educational-focused blog articles for us and our partners.

All paid writing work is optional. Simply let us know if you'd like to be considered.

Sinead Jones

Prisha Reddy

Maths Teacher at St Mary's School

Teacher Perks is a sensible way for quality education businesses and organisations to get their message in front of the right people in schools. Both teachers and schools get something back which I think is fair.

Harry Knowles

Harry Knowles

Sport Teacher at Cranham Primary

I love saving money on high street items and money for my school through Teacher Perks. I think it's a great initiative that gives back to the education sector.

Sarah Giles-Smith

Sarah Giles-Smith

Teacher at North London Academy

I've been a Sprint Teacher for over six months now. I find the information I receive to be informative and useful. It's good to know that the content of every email is screened before being sent to ensure it is particularly relevant to me.

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