ABA has a vision to stop bullying and create safer environments in which children and young people can live, grow, play, and learn. This is done by raising awareness of bullying through Anti-Bullying Week, and delivering programme work at a national and local level to help stop bullying and bring lasting change to children's lives.

“When Sprint Education got in touch and offered to become the Anti-Bullying Alliance’s dedicated marketing partner, whilst working for our charity completely free, we jumped at the opportunity!

Like us, they are passionate about stamping out bullying within schools, and felt that they had a social and moral responsibility to give back to the education sector by spreading our anti-bullying message for free.

Sprint Education’s free education marketing support has had a seismic influence on helping us educate pupils with anti-bullying communications, and the promotion of our annual Anti-Bullying Week events. These guys are exceptional!”

Martha Evans
Anti-Bullying Alliance

140,000 children go missing each year in the UK. The longer they are missing, the greater the chance of harm. FindEveryChild (part of the Missing People Charity) are dedicated to every single one of these vulnerable missing children.

The number of children seeking their help has doubled in recent years, and their 24/7 crisis team is stretched to capacity. They urgently need your support, or we face many missing children being unprotected and unfound.

“Back in 2009 the Co-Founders of Sprint Education read about the disappearance of Andrew Gosden. With their ability to connect with UK teachers (and indirectly pupils), they thought they could help find Andrew, so they searched out Andrew’s father and offered to design and send a missing poster to all UK teachers asking them to print it and display it on their school notice boards/forward on to their pupils, in the hope that someone had spotted Andrew.

Fast forward to today and Sprint Education play a huge role for our ‘FindEveryChild’ charity. They design and send to UK schools and teachers a monthly FindEveryChild Missing Poster providing updates and details of recent missing children for the schools to display to their pupils.

The effort they go to is inspiring, the response and calls we receive from their posters is overwhelming, and they do all of this for us 100% free. For this reason The Missing People’s Charity will always be Sprint’s biggest fan!

Polly Balsom
Find Every Child / Missing People

Stand Against Violence (SAV) was set up in 2005 by Adam Fouracre following the tragic murder of his 17-year-old brother Lloyd Fouracre. SAV aims to prevent violence, its long-term consequences, and the grief of losing loved ones. The workshops they deliver equip and inform students in an effective manner on how to Stand Against Violence.

“Sprint Education has helped us to deliver anti-violence workshops, self-defence and vital first aid lessons to thousands of young people across England and Wales, and to continuously develop new and innovative educational resources combating violence in our communities. Without Sprint Education much of this would not be possible.”

Adam Fouracre
Stand Against Violence Founder

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