Below you can find the important legal documents that you need to take note of when using the Teacher Perks service. We recommend reading them carefully.

Teacher Perks Terms of Service

These are the terms and conditions that relate to our Teacher Perks services. Read more.

Privacy and Cookie Policy

We created this Privacy and Cookie Policy because we take your privacy seriously. The statement sets out who we are, what information we collect from you in general terms, and how we use it, including how we use cookies on our site. Read more.

Data Processing Policy

This policy explains in more detail what data we collect when you Join Teacher Perks and specifically how it is processed once you are a member. It also reminds you of your legal rights. Read more.

Resource Licensing Policy

We created this policy for the contributors of resources to the Teacher Perks service. It explains to you the licences you grant us and to the Teacher Perks members. Read more.

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